The Great Building is a modern fable looking at the implications of the terrorist attacks on America.

In 1965, Donovan, then a nineteen year old folksinger, entered the British pop charts with his folk ballad Catch the Wind. He was quickly dubbed Britain's Bob Dylan. In the next five years he produced many hit singles (Sunshine Superman, Mellow Yellow, Atlantis etc.) and albums. Pictured in flowing robes and beads on his 1968 album, A Gift from a Flower to a Garden, he became an icon of the times, a symbol of Flower Power. In the past year he has made a comeback with a world tour promoting a new album, Sutras. New Renaissance editors A.V. Avadhuta and Gary Levinson interviewed him before a concert in Mainz, Germany.

Sparrow reviews the work of artist Matthew Barney

A review by New Renaissance's resident art critic, Sparrow.

An essay by P.R. Sarkar on the aspirations of youth and the way in which literature can help young people to blossom.