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Welcome to New Renaissance Magazine, the online Edition

New Renaissance Magazine is an online journal offering a holistic view of developments in the arts, science, culture, society,New Renaissance Magazine (image of the cover of the printed edition) politics, spirituality and lots more.

In December 1989 we published the first printed version of New Renaissance Magazine, working on a small A-4 printing press in Mainz, Germany and using ancient computers and the first desk top publishing programs.

Times have changed and now here is New Renaissance magazine in a completely online format. We published the print edition right up till 2005 but have now suspended the print edition in favor of putting everything online.  Take a look around and browse the categories or use the search feature to find what you need.

In case you are wondering, New Renaissance is published by Renaissance Universal (RU). RU is composed of individuals located around the world who are inspired by the social and spiritual philosophy of P.R. Sarkar. The aim of RU is to bring about a socially just and healthy human society. 

If you would like to contribute articles or have any questions, please contact us.

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Reforming the Criminal Justice System

P. R. Sarkar was a firm believer in social justice and declared "the term “penal system” should be deleted from social terminology. If and when somebody, whether a judge or an ordinary person, takes any type of action against another, it should be corrective, not punitive." In the essay below he elaborates on his approach to the problems of crime, justice and correction.
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International Leaders to Address Global Issues at Building the New World Conference

If you are tired of just talking about a better future and would like to do something about creating a New World, then a conference in Radford, Virginia at the end of May, 2015 may be just what you are looking for.
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Mahabharata And Our Generational Challenge

Andy Fraenkel, a sacred story teller, shows us why India's ancient epic, The Mahabharata, is relevant for us today.


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Renaissance in All Strata of Life

P.R, Sarkar looks at the disparities which plague humanity today and calls on concerned people to take action.
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Spiritual, Not Religious: Why?

Why are many people defining themselves as being spiritual but not religious? Forest Grace believes he has found the answer.
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Lock Down Retreat 2014

A prison inmate transforms a punishment lockdown into a spiritual retreat.
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Photography of Mark Maryanovich

Photographer Mark Maryanovich has captured an impressive variety of artists including Chris Cornell, Bob Rock, Chad Kroeger, Elliot Smith and Henry Rollins. Some of his best photos appear in this article.

Mark Maryanovich


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Missing Anchor: Contemporary Protest Music

Michael Lohr reviews Simeon Peebler's CD, Missing Anchor.

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Do What You Can: A Kid-Friendly CD

Michael Lohr reviews Dada Veda's new "kid-friendly" CD.

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