Motivational speaker Shari Rightmer shares a resolution that you can make on New Year's day or on any other day of the year.

by Shari Rightmer

Everyone has been going around asking what my New Year's resolution is this year. I could follow the masses and choose one of those cliché resolutions like losing weight or learning a new language.  Both are worthy goals but for me, I felt that I needed to take this opportunity to really create a lasting change in my life. I took some time to really search my heart for a resolution that resonated with my soul. 

Before I go into that though, I want to ask a question.  What is it about the new year that makes us wake up and say, “Today is it! I will start over with a clean slate and begin anew.” Or, “ I will start that diet on Monday.”?  Just like that…we believe in our hearts, minds, and souls that we have the power and complete control to change our life!

Some of us place a special “meaning” on our New Year's resolutions and run with this new idea.  We choose the first of the year as the time to catapult ourselves into a new life, an adventurous journey and at times a complete transformation. 

But guess what?  We have this choice every moment of our lives!  There is no reason that we have to wait until January 1st to make moves.  The only one stopping us from change and choice ANYTIME is ourselves.

So, what's my New Year's resolution you ask?

This year, I have decided to stay in the SAMENESS and celebrate that awareness every moment of my life. 

This doesn’t mean I want to stay the same.  No, this simply means I choose to remain in the sameness that always was, is and will be.  I call it the Sameness of God/Source.  Though I have the wonderful gift of free will and choice, it is really great to KNOW and live from the knowing that all is taken care of through the perfection of God's love.  This is something that we can always depend on.  Of course, it is our choice. 

When we put our trust in the world and in other people, we don't know what we'll get.  However, when we rely on the Sameness of God/Source, we can be assured of peace, joy, harmony and love.  The Sameness of God/Source is reliable all day and any day. 

It is important to know that even if you slipped for a little while and forgot to rest in the Sameness of God/Source, the choice to return there is always available to you.  All you have to do is choose again.  You can do it in a blink of an eye. It really is that simple. 

With All I Am,

Shari Rightmer

Homeless Shelter, Bunk #11

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