Michael Lohr reviews the new CD by Dada Veda

As the World Spins Around
Rawa Records

With all due respect to Dada Veda’s first two excellent records, “Love Is The Best” and “Brighter Than The Sun,” his latest album, “As The World Spins Around” is his best recording to date. And what a superb album it is too!

Upon your first listen one thing becomes evident; Dada wears his musical influences on his sleeve, so-to-speak. Being a Yogic spiritualist who’s lived all over the world, one might expect hypnotic new age music or India-inspired mantras, but not so. Dada Veda channels the spirit of Woody Guthrie with inflections of Bob Dylan and the Beatles throughout his music. Songs such as the title track, “Precious Kind of Love,” and “I’d Really Like To Know” are alive with passion and positive verve. These songs inspire and simply make the listener smile and feel better.

Some of the songs such as “It’s The System” and “No More Blood, No More Tears” are some of the best 21st Century Americana protest music you will find anywhere. The album ends with my personal favorite song, “Live Kiirtan,” a Shrii Shrii Anandamurti-penned mantra, “Baba Nam Kevalam.” With a wonderfully vibrant group of Kiirtan background singers, this song is a spiritually uplifting melody that makes for an excellent swan song for the album.

With its acoustic, country-folk, classic rock melodies and spiritual sensibilities, “As The World Spins Around” is a pleasure to listen to and will prove an inspirational experience.

I highly recommend this album.


~ Michael Lohr