Is our life pre-planned? Is there such a thing as destiny? Do we have free will? These questions are explored by Paula Maher in an article that gets the opinions of clairvoyants, astrologers, psychologists and skeptics.

 by Paula Maher

What does our life consist of? Is our existence pre-planned and are we to follow a psychic map in which events and experiences are governed by coincidences therefore creating our destiny?

Some believe our lives are predetermined which poses an interesting question: what would be the point of living if everything was already preset?

Learning anything and working hard in order to achieve would be a waste of time.


We may as well sit on the couch and wait for life to happen around us. I wonder what would eventuate if we all did just that? First thing which comes to mind is society falling apart. There would not be anyone getting up and going to work or school in the mornings and we wouldn’t be watching our favourite TV shows as we slouched on our comfy armchair as there wouldn’t be anyone to create the programs we love.


So it is quite obvious that, although there may be a life already mapped out for us- and let us assumes it is divinely guided - we are still required to act. But how? How do we know which decisions will coincide with the Master Plan?


A Clairvoyan'ts view 


FRANCIS BEVAN is a gifted clairvoyant. He writes for several Australian magazines and newspapers, has appeared on several TV programmes and has hosted a talk- back radio show on 2KY. He shares his opinion:“I believe very strongly in Destiny however. I also believe that we can choose how we handle situations in our lives.  Many times negative situations don't have to be as bad as we make them, however by over reacting at times when we shouldn't, for example, we tend to create greater troubles for ourselves.

Coincidences, I believe, is serendipity at play in other words that person happens to be in the right place at the right time for that particular set of circumstances to happen to them.  I believe very much in serendipity as it has happened to me several times and I know other people who this has happened to as well.”

What about astrology? Does the alignment of certain planets at the time of our birth determine the shape of our lives?

Michele Finey is a qualified astrologer, writer, healer and hypnotherapist. She is from Celestial Insight in Melbourne and she says:


Most astrologers, myself included, are of the view that fate and freewill are intertwined. An astrology chart is a symbolic picture of our potential, but events and free will also shape our destiny. We can learn a lot about a person from their birth chart, but there is a lot we cannot know too, such as one's level of consciousness.  No, we should not wait for fate. We should endeavour to develop our consciousness as much as we can. Astrology is generally (and wrongly) perceived by the public as being associated with fate. We can and do choose the manner in which we express our symbolic potential. As a hypnotherapist, I see people can and do change their lives. This is magical on the one hand, but also quite natural as well. We are not governed by planets, they are not forces that direct or pre-determine our actions, but they symbolise each moment of time, and each moment of time is where we can manifest our potential. This is part of the creative universal principle.”


There are some who feel that we are never alone in life and we are divinely guided.

Paddy Sterrett has been in Spiritualism 57 years and has been a Clairvoyant Medium for 54 Years.

He believes we all have a Spirit guide:


No! Our lives are not predetermined when we are born”, he claims, “on our birth we are joined by a Spirit guide whom some people wrongly call their Guardian Angel.    The Spirit says it guards nothing its sole purpose is to endeavour to inspire and guide you through life.  This it endeavours to do through our intuition and during our sleep state.  This guide is always someone in Spirit who has genetic connections with us thus hopefully making the relationship as easy as possible.   The reason people face difficulties and problems in their lives is because they fail to respond to their intuitive thoughts”

Carl Jung used the word "synchronicity" to explain co-incidence. It is associated with the collective unconscious. Everything is connected, so it is a natural phenomen. Coincidences are what they are called and happen frequently in most everyone’s life”


Dr John Happs president of W A Skeptics Society believes relying on coincidences and synchronicity is just a quest to make sense of occurrences especially negative ones:

There are 6 billion people in the world today, travelling, communicating and doing a variety of things,” he argues “Coincidences are bound to happen in large numbers but there will always be those who seek some "meaning" or "reason" for events. When the city of Lisbon was devastated by an earthquake in the 1700's, the townsfolk, looking for a reason, rounded up all those who didn't believe in God - blamed them for the destruction and hanged them. It's so much easier to look for simplistic supernatural or "spiritual" reasons for various events. After all, it's easier than thinking and trying to understand the world around you.”

There are reports of interesting circumstances such as these accounts published in

Three Englishmen were travelling on a train through Peru in the 1920s. They were the only three men on the railroad cart. This is the amazing part: one man’s surname was Bingham, the second man’s was Powell and as they introduced themselves to the third gentleman they discovered his name was Bingham-Powell. None of the men was related in any way.

American novelist Anne Parrish came across a book titled “Jack Frost and other stories” while browsing in a bookshop in Paris around 1920. She commented to her husband how fond she was of this work and that she owned a copy of this book as a child.

As her husband opened the book they read the inscription on the inside cover:

Anne Parrish 209 N. Weber Street, Colorado. It was Anne’s book!

Tales such as these can be noted just as mere flukes with no obvious reason or consequence for their occurrences that we can see, but what about meaningful coincidence? Is this what we call our Destiny?


Alexandra Watson the author of The Happiness System For Women has told a story in an article she wrote for Life Dynamix website, “my friend Nicki literally bumped into Mike on the street. That’s how they met, got talking and are now married expecting their second child. Coincidence? No! Destiny? Absolutely!”

In her article she says, “You can give your destiny a helping hand by being clear about what you want in life. Do so and watch how things start to happen to bring it together. Experiment because it can be truly magical! First, think of one thing you truly want. Be clear and state it positively. Now wait. I bet that something will happen sooner or later inline with your wish! I have seen it happen to myself and others so many times it’s just not funny. Have a go and see what happens!”


Caryn Colgan the author of Ancient Pact says that if people were to slow down just long enough to examine these happenings, which are generally ignored and dismissed to see which lesson destiny may be offering, endless opportunities would open up.

Indian medical doctor and writer Deepak Chopra calls this 'SYNCHRODESTINY'


David Brown, a British 24 year old tells the story in regards to how he met Michelle Kitson, 22 who is now his wife.

He woke up one morning after a night out with friends with a number constantly running through his head from a dream he had the previous night.

Presuming it was a number given to him during his outing he decide to try it and sent a text message asking , “Did I meet you last night?”

The recipient of that message was Michelle who had infact never met David before.

Although puzzled she replied and they began corresponding, eventually met, fell in love and they have now returned from a honeymoon on an Indian resort. 

Is there such a thing as fate? Are coincidences just flukes? What about luck versus bad luck?

The Chinese say that each one of us has three types of luck:

Heavens Luck influenced by our destiny, Earth Luck subjective of our environment and Man's Luck, which is created by one’s self.

We do have choices to make each and every day and that is why we were given the ability to think, so we surely do have control over our destiny.


Although it would be helpful to slow down our travels occasionally, to let go and let the Universe move through us and to stop long enough to spot those instances where, might it be a clear sign or an intuitive feeling, its force points us in the right direction and allows doors to open for us, making it the perfect time for us to act and move toward our goals.


That is growing wisdom.


It is important that at the end of each day that you are proud of the selections you have made, the lessons you have learned, the love you have shared and as you continue to move forward one step at a time with a smile you may discover that you are travelling a very magical journey and it doesn’t hurt to ask the Universe for what you want once in a while.

You never do know. 


Recommended reading

  • Synchronicity: An Acasual Connecting Principle:CG Jung Translated by R F C Hull

Paula Maher is a graduate of the Morris Journalism Academy in Perth Western Australia and is currently working as a free lance writer. Her articles have appeared in the magazines Metamorphosis and Paranormal