Trickle On Down (CD)
by Dada Veda
Reviewed by Gary Levinson


Trickle On Down is Dada Veda's fourth album and a magnificent testimony his ability to evolve and grow.  No long 'just a folk musician', Dada Veda now steps onto the contemporary music scene with this free-style ode to the bliss that is within reach of all living beings.

The music is contemporary, with a pronounced reggae accent.  This is especially noticeable on Trickle on Down, I'm Waiting for that Time, and Drift in Bliss.  Dada Veda writes the music and lyrics, and sings all the songs.  Kali Wale Amen is responsible for, among other things, the arrangement and production.

Trickle on Down, the title track is especially relevant at this moment when we wait for the coming Trump presidency.

 Listen to the charmingly direct message in The Secret of it All: knowing when to say enough is enough, and being satisfied with it.

The album contains songs about the eternal truths that are at the heart of all human beings, and inspiring ideas about how to be happier and to live closer to ones own essential essence.

My personal favorite is Drift in Bliss, a song spelling out  Dada's recipe for a life filled with more bliss.

Dada Veda has come a long way in these four albums, starting out as a simple folk singer, and at this present stage, as a contemporary musician on a completely different level. 

Trickle on Down is worth a listen for all those who want a more honest and spiritual slice of the contemporary music scene.  Dada Veda's best work yet.

Gary Levinison is the editor and publisher of the Indie Music Review