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Second Amendment or Second Commandment?

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A reflection on gun-ownership laws in America in light of the Washington Navy Yard mass shooting.
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On Having Coffee with A Neighbour

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"We have become a society that by compartmentalizing work and by giving a sense of specialization to jobs which should be generalized, have created an atmosphere of complacency." Stuart Alcorn writes about the corrosive effects of our centralized and specialized economic and social system.
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Yoga and Activism: Are You Ready to Occupy the World from Within?

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Ramesh Bjonnes challenges the notion that a yogi or mystic is someone who is only concerned with individual personal development, and puts forward the concept of a socially engaged spirituality, the yoga of sacred activism.
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Remembering Vaclav Havel

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René Wadlow looks back on the life and work of former Czech President, Vaclav Havel, who passed away on December 18, 2012
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Holiday Gifts that Help People

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Peter Sage explains how you can make gifts that actually help people in developing countries through the online AMURT-AMURTEL Gift Catalog.
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Reflecting on Social Justice

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A Canadian looks on his country's treatment of the First Nation (Aboriginals).
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Sarkar's Contribution To Macrohistory And Futures Imaginations

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Sohail Inayatullah takes a deep look at P.R. Sarkar's concept of the social cycle and moral leadership in a transformed society of the future.
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The Dead Heart of the Orient

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Is the mystical tradition of the Far East dead or dying? Marcus T. Anthony comments on the state of spirituality in China today.
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Columbus Day and the Population Bomb

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Read more... [Columbus Day and the Population Bomb]

Sustainable Solutions For the Humanitarian Crisis in Southern Sudan

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A relief worker ( Dada Shantashubhananda of AMURT) gives his opinion on the humanitarian crisis in Sudan (first published in 1999)
Read more... [Sustainable Solutions For the Humanitarian Crisis in Southern Sudan]
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