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Political Science

Who is the Real Enemy?

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Is "Big Government" the bogeyman that is threatening to stamp out freedom in America, or does the danger lie elsewhere?
Read more... [Who is the Real Enemy?]

Is There an Alternative to Capitalism?

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Is there any alternative to today's system of corporate capitalism?  This article looks into the question.
Read more... [Is There an Alternative to Capitalism?]

Los Angeles says No to Corporate Personhood

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Should corporations have the same rights as individual people and have the right to contribute as much as they want to political candidates?  The city of Los Angeles just said "no" and are leading the fight against the recent Supreme Court ruling.
Read more... [Los Angeles says No to Corporate Personhood]

The Arab spring: what is next?

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Futurist Sohail Inayatullah anlayzes the causes behind the uprisings in the Arab world, and looks ahead to what may develop in the near future.
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Egypt: The Sphinx and the Revolution

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Rene Wadlow ponders on the future of Egypt, looking back to the past for some clues.
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Defeating the Taliban: One Joke at a Time

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Futures Studies specialist, Sohail Inayatullah, presents a nuanced, realistic approach to dealing with the problem of the Taliban in Pakistan.
Read more... [Defeating the Taliban: One Joke at a Time]

Forty-five authors call for a global referendum on democratic world government

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Is it time for a real world government? That's what 45 authors believe and they have called for a world-wide referendum to bring about a global, democratic government.
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McCain or Obama: Does it Really Matter Who Wins the Election?

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The founding editor of New Renaissance gives his personal view of the U.S presidential election of 2008.
Read more... [McCain or Obama: Does it Really Matter Who Wins the Election?]

Post-Election 2000

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Another analysis of the controversial presidential election in the USA in 2000.
Read more... [Post-Election 2000]

The U.S. Election: Where is the real story?

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An analysis of the controversial election of 2000 in the USA
Read more... [The U.S. Election: Where is the real story?]
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