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Personal Development

What is Your Shelf Life?

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Marlene Buffa asks us to take an inventory of our mental and spirtual vitality to find out what our "shelf life" is.
Read more... [What is Your Shelf Life?]

Where are Our Communication Skills ?

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We need new communication skills that can match our new technology if we are going to find a way to live in peace on this small planet.
Read more... [Where are Our Communication Skills ?]

Artistry and the Experience of Joy at Work

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"The Secret of life is to have a task, something you bring everything to, every minute of the day for your whole life.  It must be something you cannot possibly do."

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Making That Subtle Shift: From The Law Of Attraction To The Law Of Giving

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"We get what we give" is a universal law that is examined in this essay
Read more... [Making That Subtle Shift: From The Law Of Attraction To The Law Of Giving]

Why Are You Here?

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"You are in a cage... a cage of your own creation. Where the hamster’s cage is designed to keep it in, your cage is designed to keep the world out, so that you can feel safe. Never mind that it really doesn’t work, and that the world can still get at you, you have the illusion of separation, and you can cling to it like a drowning rat."

In this essay Ross Bishop gives some tips for getting out of the cage and becoming enlightened. 

Read more... [Why Are You Here?]

Bringing Compassion To Our Difficult Memories

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A therapist describes a novel way to deal with difficult memories from the past.
Read more... [Bringing Compassion To Our Difficult Memories]

How to save the world from yourself

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An inspirational speaker explains how our own good intentions and self-righteousness are the cause of the big and small problems in the world and how we can transform ourselves as a prelude to transforming society.
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Cooperative Games That Teach Solidarity

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Games and sports are usually very competitive, but this article describes games that are based on cooperation.
Read more... [Cooperative Games That Teach Solidarity]

What Triggers Your Anger?

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A parenting expert offers her tips for controlling anger.
Read more... [What Triggers Your Anger?]

Guilt as a Natural Body Function

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If we view guilt as simply a natural part of our day-to-day experience, rather than shaming ourselves for feeling it or trying to fight it off, we can diminish the suffering it tends to cause.
Read more... [Guilt as a Natural Body Function]
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