The Wisdom Series
by Timothy Freke
Six volumes Godsfield Press, 1999, U.K.

Durlabh Singh, a poet, artist and writer, gives the remarkable account of an Indian village coping with an invasion of snakes.

P. R. Sarkar was a firm believer in social justice and declared "the term “penal system” should be deleted from social terminology. If and when somebody, whether a judge or an ordinary person, takes any type of action against another, it should be corrective, not punitive." In the essay below he elaborates on his approach to the problems of crime, justice and correction.

If you are tired of just talking about a better future and would like to do something about creating a New World, then a conference in Radford, Virginia at the end of May, 2015 may be just what you are looking for.

A reflection on gun-ownership laws in America in light of the Washington Navy Yard mass shooting.