An inspirational speaker explains how our own good intentions and self-righteousness are the cause of the big and small problems in the world and how we can transform ourselves as a prelude to transforming society.

by Jesus Nebot 

Do you have a clear idea of what is wrong with the world?

Are you already doing something about it?

Then STOP. At least until you have read this article.

No, there is nothing wrong with your very human desire to make things better. As a matter of fact, there is nothing wrong with anything at all.

Most people will agree that many problems in this world demand our immediate attention and action. Problems like global warming, war or extreme poverty to name a few.

No one wishes to live in a world with more pollution, violence or greater economic disparity. Yet, when it comes to solutions, each of us has different ideas on what needs to be done depending on what we believe is the cause of those problems. Such ideas are based upon our limited perception of this world which is colored by our educaton, religion, country of origin, family background and ultimately by our level of consciousness. They become beliefs that shape our experience of this world and determine our actions and eventually our destiny.

Due to lack of awareness, most people fail to recognize that beliefs are simply that; therefore can never constitute absolute Truth. Without this humble realization, it is very easy to get caught in the egoic game of wanting to impose our beliefs onto others. Such righteousness is the source of all conflict. It makes human beings spiritually blind. Even when it comes to solving what we may agree are the most crucial challenges we are facing in our world.

As an example consider the actions of two prominent figures that have millions of supporters: George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden. If we could transcend our limited perceptions of them, it would be easy to recognize that in their hearts, they both want to make this world a better place. They both think they have to fight what they consider to be evil in order to bring peace and save the world from terrible consequences. They also feel God is on their side supporting their beliefs and actions. Furthermore, they both think they are winning the fight! Yet, are they truly making this world a better place?

Their original intent of bringing peace may be genuine, but instead of looking within to become the Peace they wish to see in the world, as Gandhi would suggest, they both choose to blame each other for the conflict and fight a righteous war that arguably increases suffering. Specifically, Bush fights the evil of terrorism that he sees in Bin Laden and Al-Qaida, while Bin Laden fights the evil of American imperialism that he sees in Bush and his administration.

This seemingly simplistic example does not pretend to compare or judge the content of Bush’s and Bin Laden’s actions by suggesting that they are both equally wrong. It merely exposes the human context in which they react to one another based on their respective perception of reality. A limited perception that naturally triggers their righteousness, which is not good or bad, unless you choose to become righteous yourself.

My point is that the best thing we can all do to save the world is to save the world from our own righteousness. It is our righteous egoic mind which makes us see problems. In Truth the only problem is the prevailing mentality that problems do exist and our projection of them into each other and the world. That is actually the most essential message spiritual masters and enlightenment teachers have been sharing with us throughout the ages. A message now shared as well by metaphysicians and quantum physicists. A message best reflected by Anais Nin’s words: “We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are.”

If we accept God is Infinite, then we are accepting God or Reality is everyone and everything as It is. Our purpose is not to resist this world –God- as we perceive it to be in a futile fight that will perpetuate our human suffering. Our purpose is to fully accept it in the awareness that this world is a perfect mirror to awaken us from the spell of our unconscious mind. By being conscious of our triggers, reactions and projections we can transcend them. As we transform, our world transforms.

So before becoming an activist to fight for whatever cause you consider noble, consider first that, perhaps, the only thing wrong with the world is your perception of it. Put aside, for a moment, the content of your cause and focus instead on the context of your human experience. Seek to transcend your perception of reality by reading books of Truth –not your truth-, surrendering to God, praying, meditating and introspecting. Ask yourself what is the origin of the judgments you may be projecting into the world and seek to let go of them.

As you introspect, you can start releasing all the opinions, beliefs, emotions and perceptions that are keeping you separated from others, from this world and ultimately from God. You will realize that in Truth we are all One. You will be blessed with full understanding, acceptance and compassion for everyone and everything. You may still feel inspired to take action but it won’t be motivated by judgment, fear, greed, blame, need, moral obligation or any other egoic energy that motivates most people. Instead your actions will be inspired by pure, unconditional Love for all that exists. A Divine Love that will take over your life and guide you to selflessly serve other people, animals, nature and the planet at large. Then the world will be saved, because you will be saved.


Jesus Nebot is an award winning filmmaker, inspirational speaker and transformational trainer. Through his LOVE EMPOWERMENT SEMINARS, he helps people connect with their love power and manifest their Highest

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