Michael Lohr reviews Dada Veda's new "kid-friendly" CD.


Rawa Records

Dada Veda has always made excellent, Beatles-inspired, globally-focused, Folk and Indie Rock music. But on “Do What You Can” he has followed in the footsteps of Raffi and taken his musical vision a step further by creating an album designed for the whole family to enjoy, toddlers included.

The “kid-friendly” angle with this record has provided Dada with a new avenue in which to explore his music. And I must say that this is a very fruitful exploration. Several timeless children classics appear on this album. From the joyous ‘Eensy Weensy Spider’ to the uplifting ‘This Little Light of Mine,’ Dada’s voice and guitar ring out with delightful clarity. Dada also covers late New Age singer/songwriter Singh Kaur’s captivating ‘You Can Make the Sun Shine’ with sincere devotion.

But unlike past albums, Dada did not work alone on this record. Germaine Light provided additional vocals, while Jesse J. Crawford played the ukulele, melodica and was the sound engineer. Lyrics and mantra vocals were sampled from the works of the late, great Indian philosopher, poet and composer, P.R. Sarkar (also known by his spiritual name, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti) and used to resplendent effect.

While the highlights of “Do What You Can” are many, the most exceptional moments come when Dada and company perform their more transcendent songs such as “We Are All Brothers and Sisters,” “Good Morning Dear Earth, Good Morning Dear Sun” and “Love Is All There is/Baba Nam Kevalam.” The mood is a celebratory, the music heartwarming. “Do What You Can” provides a cathartic relief from the hectic pace of the modern world. Forget the annoying corporate drudgery of Dora The Explorer and the Wiggles, if you want excellent, meaningful music the whole family can enjoy, then pick up a copy of “Do What You Can” and smile.

Proceeds from the sale of “Do What You Can” will go to support schools in various developing countries including Dada’s orphanage/school in Albania. Namaste brothers and sisters!


~ Michael Lohr