A  review of Diipak's new recording.

If you are looking for good music and you want lyrics that go beyond the boy-meets-girl monotony of pop music, then you should treat yourself to Diipak’s new recording. 

Diipak is a talented young American musician currently residing in Sweden. Trained in classical music, he is a multi-instrumentalist who moves easily between genres ranging from folk-rock, pop, reggae and hip hop. 

On this current recording, Diipak performs the lead vocals as well as backing himself on guitar and violin. He is joined by a capable group of musicians and vocalists who combine to produce five lively tracks. 

The “Balland of Love and Pain”, the leadoff song, is what Diipak calls his “signature tune”. It is a folk-rock song about the struggle of love vs. pain, and the ultimate triumph of love in human life. 

My favorite track is the second one, “Greenest Grass.” This is a catchy love song which suffers from one defect: it is too short. The production on this number, and indeed all the tracks, is superb and is oh-so-positive and upbeat. I guess the only solution for this track is to play it again, and again. 

Diipak is deeply interested in spirituality and it shows in “Stream” where he ponders over the mystery of life. The arrangement of this song is particularly rich and Diipak uses violin, guitar, harp, bass, drums, percussion and mandolin to create a spiritual song that was inspired by the beauty of the Swedish landscape. 

The artist’s social consciousness is manifested in the last two tracks of the CD. “Living in the Graveyard” is a jazzy reggae song about a family in the Philippines that was forced to move out of their graveyard squat by the Catholic Church. 

The last track “Ladie Corrie” is dedicated to an American peace activist who died in the Gaza strip fighting for “a world of justice and equal rights.” Diipak leaves the listener both spiritually uplifted and inspired to do something to make the world a better place. All in all, this is a great start for a promising singer-songwriter. 

You can get the CD at and hear more of Diipak’s songs at


- Don Nelson (courtesy of Indie Music Review )