A senior yoga teacher looks at the natural factors which can help a person to cure all diseases in a natural way.

by Ac. Jyotirishananda Avadhuta 

The purpose of the entire creation is to get and give happiness. Ideally, there is no scope for any disease, pain and suffering, unless we disobey the laws of nature or ignore the body’s signs of distress. The fundamental law on which this physical and mental health depends, is a loving friendship between our self, our habits and our body.

Today’s society is based on exploitation and abuse. There is no harmony amongst people, nor within the individual, or with the environment. Rather than deeply blissful, human life is often hardship, which we endure. What we call ‘healthy’ in no way reflects the potential of vitality, joy and gratitude that nature offers us.

The fundamental task in recovering this sublime health and restoring the natural balance within is to build a relation of compassion with each and everything, especially with those factors that rekindle the life forces and which we should consider our real friends.

First among these is our Supreme Friend, the universal Cosmic Entity, on whom the existence of the entire universe and everything within it depends. In our quest for health we can list seven factors as our foremost friends.

1. The Power of the Cosmic Entity: The movement of the entire universe is based upon one single force. The power which makes the planets, stars and galaxies move in their respective orbits is the same power that exists within a small cell and directs its varied functions. This is the Cosmic Entity, our Supreme Friend, and harmony with this force is the principal source of sentient health and infinite happiness.

2. The Power of Positive Mind: The mind’s abilities and speed are unparalleled. Even the latest computers cannot match the agility, power and creativity of the mind.

But this incredible mental force can work in two directions—positive and negative. The moment we have a positive state of mind, all the cells and their biochemical processes in the body also function more positively.

The treatment methods we use for our health and happiness may work in absence of a positive mind, but the result will be limited. In the absence of a positive mind, life will be full of misery and pain. On the other hand, a positive mind can bring about health and well-being beyond human imagination.

3. Fresh Air: Friend of every second, air has to be with us always. If for a few minutes we would be cut off from fresh air, nothing can save our existence. Just as we learn how to eat by studying nutrition, we must come to understand the proper use of fresh air to clean our body, make our mind peaceful, and revitalise our whole system.

4. Sunlight: The rhythm of the sun is the discipline of our whole existence. If its temperature will start to drop, existence on this earth will be deeply affected. Our body’s temperature is regulated every day by the sun’s energy. The sun is the source of all our energy and can cure any imbalance of the body system. For thousands of years, the sun’s temperature was the only hope for humans to survive the tremendous cold. The sun is the source for the life giving rains, the greening of the earth, the growing of our food, the strength of our health.

5. Water: Water is the friend of every hour, whom we need in many different ways in our body to enrich our own health and environment.

6. Relaxation: This is the only time when our body and mind get time to restore themselves. Though we have the physical strength, we can not work continuously because the body requires periodic rest to cleanse itself. When we relax our body, it starts to recharge and the mind recovers its strength. Rest lets nature supply us with energy and work through us. Thus relaxation is very important in maintaining our natural strength.

7. Positive food habits: Most diseases are caused by eating the wrong foods in the wrong amount and at the wrong time. Controlling the quality, amount and timing of the food we use, it becomes friendly to our all round health and the source of our mental peace. At the time of sickness or discomfort, positive food habits can cure and restore our strength.

 To deeply understand and live with these basic factors of healthful living is the fundamental duty of human beings.

No medicine matches the body’s own capacity to revitalize itself. The body’s complexity cannot be imitated by either science or machine. No medicine has the capacity to understand and fake the body’s own ability to recharge itself. The fundamental principle of sentient health lies in increasing the body’s own ability to heal itself. For this, nature has provided a sufficient amount of elements and if we utilize them we will not only remain free from illness, but also learn to appreciate at depth our divinely inspired life.

Nature cure and Yogic care

Wrong habits cause disease. Most people know that to eat too many sweets is not good, but out of greediness, in pursuit of a little pleasure, we eat and eat and eat, as long as there are dishes in front of us. By breaking the natural laws of self-control, we gradually weaken our nervous system, organs and general vitality.

Yogis have long understood that to remedy the excesses of the mind, physical and mental exercises are of vital importance. These will balance the different inborn psychic tendencies and fundamentally restore and protect one’s health. Nature cure is not complete without this psycho-physical practice.

Ac. Jyotirishananda Avt.  is the author of the book Sentient Health: A Happy and Holy Life Through Water, from which  the article above is an excerpt.  Ac Jyotirishananda is an internationally known teacher of yoga and meditation and has conducted numerous clinics and training courses on various aspects and practices of natural health. To order this book  write to Ananda Marga Publications,  7, Alley 14, Lane-85\Ding-Jou Road Sec-4\Taipei, Taiwan.