A book review of a popular parenting book

Parenting from the Heart
edited by Carolyn Dash Mailler
Motherwear, Inc.
Northampton, MA. 1996

Reviewed by Kenn Kassman

Have you ever found one of those  books that you think almost everybody should read? That’s the way I feel about "Parenting from the Heart". It’s an easy to read collection of short articles (2 or 3 pages each) by several authors, aimed at parents to be and parents of young children. It covers just about every topic imaginable, ranging from exercise during pregnancy to what to do about a fussy baby or an over-watched television.

What is truly special about the book is that its perspectives mirror those of New Renaissance; they radiate the same values and visions—both desiring the creation of a more aware, loving and responsible society. This point is amply illustrated by the first article (out of seventy), entitled, "Showing Love to our Children" by Jody Wright. It exemplifies the approach and major messages of the book—pay attention, spend time, be aware, appreciate the miracle that life has given you, and above all, show love.

This message is expressed throughout nine chapters covering topics as diverse as breastfeeding, health, and diapering. Yes, an entire chapter devoted to diapering! I must confess that since my son is well past the diapering stage I skipped that chapter. However the article on diaper rash may be especially useful to those in need.

In short, I can think of no better present one could give to parents-to-be or new parents, (well, other than a trip to Hawaii). I should also note that the articles contained in this book are from Parenting from the Heart, Motherwear’s Magazine for Nurturing Families.

Motherwear also offers clothes for breastfeeding families in order to support early bonding and loving parenting. Their magazine and catalog are free and they can be reached at Motherwear, 320 Riverside Drive, Northampton, MA 01060 USA, or telephone toll free in the US at 1 800 633 0303.