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Future Studies

The Futures of South Asia

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A look at possible future scenarios for India, Pakistan and other countries of this region.
Read more... [The Futures of South Asia]

Five futures for Pakistan

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Can Pakistan free itself from the pendulum of "general and landlord" and help form  a South Asian Confederation? Futurist Sohail Inayatullah looks at five future scenarios for Pakistan.

Read more... [Five futures for Pakistan]

Gender Ethics and Politics

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What values will guide society’s evolution in the new century and millennium?
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Looking Back From the 21st Century

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Hazel Henderson offers a hopeful scenario of the future in which economic justice and environmental harmony are secured.
Read more... [Looking Back From the 21st Century]

Alternative Futures of Europe

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Visions from Young People at the University of Trier, Germany
Read more... [Alternative Futures of Europe]

Microvita and Social Evolution

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A look at cultural evolution by futurist, Sohail Inayatullah
Read more... [Microvita and Social Evolution]

Age-Quake: Say Hello to Under-population

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New demographic changes could bring about underpopulation rather than overpopulation in the new millenium
Read more... [Age-Quake: Say Hello to Under-population]

Choosing the Future

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By focusing on spiritual development, humanity has a chance to create a harmonious future.
Read more... [Choosing the Future]

New Futures Ahead: Genetics or Microvita?

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Futurist Sohail Inayatullah looks ahead to the future of human civilization and the trends of multi-culturalism, globalization, and the understanding of the subtlest particles of consciousness, microvita.
Read more... [New Futures Ahead: Genetics or Microvita?]

Transforming Capitalism

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Futurist Sochail Inayatullah looks at current income disparities in the world and the scenarios of the future in which these problems could be overcome.
Read more... [Transforming Capitalism]
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