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Lightening Up

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A teacher looks at our schools and observes that "as more of us in education start to relax and cheer up in our lives, the entire view of education will start to change."
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Cultual Diversity:

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We need to help our children to learn how to live in a world of increasing social and cultural diversity.
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Healthy Human Growth: A Commonsense View

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A long-time educator shares her views on what we can do to encourage the healthy growth of our childen.
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The Machine and Modern Education

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"Whatever happened to the inner mind, quiet reflection and deep self-awareness?" asks futurist Marcus Anthony as he looks at the impact that technology is making on modern education.
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Women and Holistic Education

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The role that women can play in building an holistic education system.
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The Quest for Truth: Redefining Education

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An expanded vision of what it means to be a human being, is the starting point for reconstructing the educational system.
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The Multi-Cultural Challenge to the Future of Education

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A look at the strengths and weaknesses of multiculturalism and at universalism as a better future alternative.
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Our Children's Future: Are There Lessons for Us?

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Let's listen to how our children view the future, and we can learn how to build a better future.
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'World Brain' as a Metaphor for Holistic Higher Education

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What will the universities of the 21st century be like? Two futurists look to the emergence of learning centres which will link people, places and planets.
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The Meeting of East and West

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The maximum development of the society will be reached when there is a balanced development in the physical, mental and spiritual spheres.
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