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Volume 11, No 2 (Published Summer, 2002)

Issue Theme
Healing Society & Self  

An Introduction to this issue

Medicine and Multiculturalism
Who should the power of healing belong to: the patient or the doctor?
by Ziauddin Sardar

Healing in the City of Eternal Spring
Gita's medical approach was "earthy, intuitive, but nonetheless empirical and… effective."
by Andy Douglas

How Will the Future of Reproductive Technology Play Out for You?
As we re-draw the boundaries of how we bear children, we are also forging changes in human values.
by Rosaleen Love

Health, Well-Being and (real) Progress
Is it enough to say that, because we are growing richer and living longer, life is getting better?
by Richard Eckersley

The Learning and Healing Organization
Successful organizations of the future will look beyond profits to health and well-being.
by Sohail Inayatullah

Culture and Society

Jan Lundberg and Culture Change: The Rebel With a Cause
"Culture Change is about providing positive alternatives to today's destructive culture."
 by Arnie Cooper

A Day to Care for Mother Africa
Women's life in a small village spotlights all of Africa.
by Daniel Haven

Is There A Need to Control Population Growth?
"Economic affluence is the only solution" to overpopulation.
by P.R. Sarkar

Rethinking Population
by Sohail Inayatullah

Futures and Environment

The Seventh Fire
"Do we want a new Earth and a new future?"
by Jeremy Wright

Globalisation, Gender and Two World Futures
Globalisation is not a 'given'; there are always choices to be made, from the individual to the global system level.
by Ivana Milojevic

So much depends on so little!


The editor's introduction to this issue

Econotes: Healing the World’s Forests; Free Energy Magnetic Motor; Solar Power in an African Village; Welsh Wind Farming

People Notes: WTO Closure Announced in Sydney; US Human Rights Violations; Okinawan Centenarians; Canadian Animal Cruelty Law

Arts in Review

Ice Station Cool
"Every hit song of 1969 is now a TV commercial for some car." 
reviewed by Sparrow

Dale Watson and the Undying Appeal of Country Music
 reviewed by Daniel Haven

Music Reviews
Scandinavian Newcomers Create Electronic Converts; Traveling With The Winds; Song of the Sea 
reviewed by Daniel Haven, Carlos da Costa Coelho and Ian Gottstein

Deine Lakaien; H. I. M. reviewed by Jutta Ziegler

Book Reviews
The Healing Sun; Living Organic; Teaching in Mind; Some of My Best Friends are Books; Immune Dysfunction
reviewed by M. Polonsky, P. Miller

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