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Volume 12, No3 (Spring-Summer, 2006)


• World’s Birds in Crisis
• Air-driven Auto Debuts In Europe
• Greenpeace Confronts Japanese Whaling Fleet
• Global Wind-power on the Increase
• Sweden to End Fossil Fuel Dependence
• Transforming The European Paper Industry
• Extracting Metal from the Sea
• Austrian Animal Rights

ISSUE THEME: Beyond Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism: Looking for the Next Version

by Ziauddin Sardar
Who defines what it means to be human, to be ‘different’?

Waking Up to a New Future, The Crucial Question
by Sohail Inayatullah
Letting go of our present identities can lead to a universalist future.

Mother Africa
by Cy Grant
Seeking the truth of our origin

Home Again
by Andrew Jing
A jittery balance between two worlds

We Discovered You! Alternative Futures of Asia
by Sohail Inayatullah
Will we see an Asian fusion, or a divided Asia?

Simple Answers
by Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee
Inner patterns of thought reveal deep layers of cause
and effect.

Living Universe, Global Family: Nature’s Guidance for
Human Affairs

by Elisabet Sahtouris
Earths’ greatest crises bring about her greatest waves
of creativity.

Voices from the Margins:
by Sabrina Hambel
How Multicultural Education Destabilizes the present
and can thus lead to a spiritual rebirth

Environment and Society

Rebuilding After the Tsunami

Tips for Sustainable Living:
by Maitrii & Ole Ersson
Decreasing our resource demand and living most comfortably (and cheaply!)

The Social and Spiritual Role of an Artist
by P.R. Sarkar
Art as creative expression and a leading voice in a dynamic human society

Bio-diesel and the Clean Generation
by Joshua Tickell
The Veggie Van makes a traveling statement against dirty
oil and dirty politics.

Small Is Beautiful, In Poland
by Sir Julian Rose
Polish peasants create a land use model that can help save the planet.

The Future and Spirituality

Heart Futures: The Futures of Friendship and Romance
by Marcus Bussey
Cyber-love may transform relationships.

Acts of God vs Acts of al-Qaida:
by Anthony Judge
Was Hurricane Katrina a message to Bible-Belt America?

Forcing God?
by Betsy Robinson
What IS at the end of the Universe?


Corporate Corruption and Other Pathologies
by Joseph LaPalombara
Want to find the roots of these problems? You must dig very deep.

How I Finally Learned to Hear Animals
by Calloway McCloud
I “hear” the animals not with my ears and my rational mind, but with my emotions, my “mind’s eye.”

India Creates Model for Sustainable Forests
With local control, degraded forests are springing back to life.

Patience: The Spiritual Path to Personal Growth
by Michael Lewin
“Can you remain unmoving
until the right action
arises by itself?” — Lao Tzu

The Story of The Old Farmer
A Chinese/Zen Fable, as told
by Judy Marshall
“We’ll just wait and see.”Arts in Review


Music and Art

Best Alternative Rock and Independent releases of 2005
by Daniel Haven

Portals of Grace by Azam Ali, Feast of Silence by Vas
Reviewed by Michael Lohr

Basquiat: Transforming Graffiti into Painting
by Sparrow
‘Like anyone who emerges from the “Underground,” fame was a danger for him.’


A Sense of Duality: Chrome Red
by Durlabh Singh
reviewed by Michael Lohr

Out of Time: The Five Laws of Psychological Time
by Steve Taylor
Reviewed by Peter Baltensperger

What’s Wrong with Eating Meat?
Reviewed by Allison Scott-Allan

Psychology and Consumer Culture: The Struggle for a Good Life in a Materialistic World
Edited by Tim Kasser and Allen D. Kanner
reviewed by Steve Taylor

The Ashram: A Novel
by Devashish
reviewed by Jane Canfield

Modern Day Mystic: A Psychic & Spiritual Journey
through a Not Quite Ordinary Life

by Thomas Lyons
Reviewed by Dada Jyotirupananda

No Direction Home: Bob Dylan
A film by Martin Scorsese
Reviewed by A.V. Avadhuta

Loshidonhitska: My Story
by Margaret Malati Mudd
Reviewed by Donald Acosta

by Advaeta

“The Soul of a Man”
An Interview with Wim Wenders
by Gary Levinson

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