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New Renaissance Magazine puts you on top of the trends which are shaping our future. Each quarterly issue contains articles by the world's most forward-looking thinkers and doers who present cutting-edge views in the fields of ecology, economics, education, politics, science, spirituality, health, and the arts.

Take a look at what we have been publishing for the past 12 years and catch up on important articles which you may have missed by reading them online or by ordering our back numbers (through a secure online ordering system)


V1N1-Restoring Balance to the Earth's Ecosystem; Third World Agriculture: A Proutist Approach; Ananda Nagar: Eco Society of the Future; Sold out
V1N2-America at the Brink of Economic Collapse?; Prout: a Third Path to Development; Capitalism and environmental protection; Peter Brook's Mahabharata; Sakharov, the great humanist; What is yoga?

V1N4-Master Units: Nuclei of a New Society; Education for the Real World by Henrik Skolimowski; Who Was P.R. Sarkar?; Which Way for South Africa? Renaissance in Education; Neo-Magna Carta for Universal Human Rights.


V2N1-Global Transformation in the 1990s and Beyond by Sohail Inayatullah; Poland's Bitter Taste of Capitalism; A new concept of Progress by Ravi Batra; Probing the secrets of the mind; South Africa: a Proutist solution.

V2N2-Save the Forests, Save the Planet by Herbert Girardet; Interview with Arne Naess; Yugoslavia at the Crossroads; Polish Agriculture's Uncertain Future; Animal Experiments and the pharmaceutical industry; Meditation, Expanding human potential; Aroma Therapy.

V2N3-The Urban Imagination-Towards the Eco-City; The Mid-East's Untold Story; What Third World Debt? Exploitation and Pseudo-culture; A Look at Acupuncture; P.R. Sarkar's Concept of Ideal Government; G7 and the Third World by Jonothon Porritt; Somalia, a nation in turmoil.


V3N1-A New Perception of Reality by Alan Mayne; Cutting Down Brazil; An Unconventional View of the Future by Sohail Inayatullah; The Science of Microvita; Renaissance in all strata of existence.

V3N2-Rethinking Science; The Causes of Tropical Deforestation; Yugoslavia, putting together the pieces; Animal Protection in Eastern Europe; Environment and Development; Astaunga Yoga

V3N3-Self-Reliant Regional Development; The Future of the World System; Comment and insight into tribal life; Stopping Tropical Deforestation; Micronesia's nuclear nomads; A new view of evolution; Why vegetarianism? The Dubious Rewards of Consumption.


V4N1- Neo-Humanism: Educating the Whole Person
 Clinging to the Earth as an Ecological Prayer by H.Skolimowski; Traditional, Modern and Post-Modern Societies; Making our cities compatible with the living world by Herbert Girardet; Multiculturalism and its implications; Native Peoples of the Russian Far North; Computing and Consciousness; Uniting Science and Spirituality; Whence Eco-Music.

V4N2 - Art for Humanity
Beauty, the face of the soul by Thomas Moore; Multiculturalism and the arts by Cy Grant; Holistic Revolution in the Arts; Creativity and Intuition; Television, just say "No"; The chorus of humanity; Post-command economies and the global economic crisis; Animal welfare in the Ukraine; Ending entropy, a new model for environmental education.

V4N3 - World Government: Is it Possible?
The Case for Energy Efficiency, Minorities in Central and Eastern Europe, Why Condemn Whaling, Trade for Local Self-Reliance, Global Governance: a historical survey, Thoughts on World Government, The Mandala as Ecological Prayer (sold out)


V5N1 - The Economics of Cooperation
Kibbutzim in Israel, Cooperative Economics: an interview with Jaroslav Vanek, North Korea, Economic Democracy, Why I Hate Passports and Visas, Human Rights in Croatia, The Pursuit of Virtual Happiness.

V5N2 - The Silence of the Lambs
The Silence of the Lambs; inhumane practises of the British Sheep Industry, The Surprising Yields of Urban Agriculture, Living With Structural Adjustment in Africa, Stop a bullet--Save an Ape, How Cruel are Human beings, A Return to Value Based Economics, The Maya of Guatemala, The World's Children--commentary on UNICEF's annual report, A Happening at the Reichstag.

V5N3 - Crime and Correction
Seven Ways to Fix the Criminal Justice System; Turning Prisons into Ashrams, Committing Crime to Fight a Crime, What is Justice,' The Bankruptcy of Classical Economics, Internet and the South, The Plight of Captive Elephants.


V6N1 - Overcoming Racism
Healing Racism by Dr. Abiola Ougunsola; One Human Society by P.R.Sarkar; The Meaning of Politics in a Spiritual Perspective by Henryk Skolimowski; What Can We Do to Unite Humanity by Ac.Pranakrsnananda; What do we mean by "Race" Anyway? by Gregory Stephens; Europe and Africa by Sika Valery Small; Thus I Was Convinced by Mari Boine Persen; Racism in Children's Resources by Nandini Mane; Knowing Your Place - Racism in Music by George Luke; Computing's Holy War by Cary Lu.

V6N2 - Farming the Future
Towards a Sustainable Agriculture by Steve Diver; Forest Gardens by Robert A de J Hart; Grow Your Own Home by Kirby Fry; Camphill Communities by Gerrit Impens; Animals in Agriculture by Joanne Bower; The Agrarian Revolution by P.R. Sarkar; Animal Rights in Eastern Europe by Ian Gottstein; Fur Farming in Finland by Mia Salli; Enigma in Motion by Louise Petts. (sold out)

V6N3 - Holistic Education: Preparing for the the 21st Century
The Quest For Truth: Redefining Education; Imagination and Education; Transpersonal Education; Multiculturalism and Education; Women and Holistic Education; Appropriate Education for the Third World; World Brain and Higher Education; Our Children's Visions of the Future; Early Childhood Education; Bigger Does Not Mean Better; An interview with drummer Dodo Sosoka; The Future of Mars: Science Fact and Fiction. (sold out)


V7N1 - Rethinking History to Create New Futures
Let History Be Rewritten by P.R. Sarkar; The Chalice or the Blade by Riane Eisler; Partnership, Domination and Spirituality by David Loye; Ethnic Conflicts: Enactment of a Universal Drama by Johan Galtung; Dreamtime Myth: History as Future by Paul Wildman; The History of Disability by Jane Clapton and Jennifer Fitzgerald; The Dynamics of History by Sohail Inayatullah; The Greening of the Kibbutz by John Martin Bang; Global Work as if People Mattered; Can we Measure Progress?; Loggers Threaten Mexican Indians; Poems by Sparrow; Picasso Reviewed.

V7N2 - The Challenges of Globalization
From Chaos to Coherence; Global Authoritarian Regimes; Global Transformation; Looking Back from the 21st Century by Hazel Henderson; Mexico's Zapatistas; Sustainable Development in Cyprus

V7N3 - What is Spirituality
Meditation and Social Service; Eternal Truths for a Better Life; Longing for the Great; Ken Wilber's Path to Transformational Futures; An Interview with David Korten; Spirituality and Social Justice.

V7N4 - Community Economic Development
Community Futures and Localism; Putting the Heart Back in Local Economies by Guy Dauncey; A Vision for 21st Century Communities; Towards a Politics of the Heart; Recovering the Core Values of Community; Ethical Physics and Communities; Self-Sufficient Socio-Economic Units; Envisioning Ecotopia; Interview with Donovan


V8N1 - Art for Humanity
Art and Spirituality; Redefining Artistic Practice; The Nature of Beauty; Art and Islamic ; The Seers of Truth; In Beauty We Are United; The Art of Georgia O'Keefe; Reclaiming the Spirit; The State of the Arts in England; Oceans Without Fish; The Asian Depression; Love pays the Rent (A Tribute to Sonny Bono) 

V8N2 - Silence and Communication 
The Power of Silence, Exclusion and Communication in the Information Age; Media: The End of Silence; Reclaiming Silence; Inside Silence; Divine Talk Show Hosts: a look at Channeling; The Return of Brian Wilson 

V8N3 - Education for Transformation
Education, Foresight and Global Citizenship; Education for social Transformation; Treating Children as Equals; Y2K; Notes on Language; Jewel of Consciousness; Ojibwa Tea; Global Calming

V8N4- The New Élan
Artistry and the Experience of Joy at Work; It Doesn't Count Unless Everybody is Doing It; The Élan Vital and Self Evolution; Élan at Work; Dorothy and the Ruby Shoe Company; Élan and Rural Development; A Passion for the Possible; Barbie Around the World; Healthy Human Growth; Fractal Art; The Art of Great Truths by Henryk Skolimowski; Living an Open Life 

V9N1- Beyond Capitalism 

V9N2- Women and Spirituality 


V9N3- Future Visions 

V9N4-Youth Matters 

V10N1-Secrets of the Mind 


V10N2-Science and Spirituality 

V10N3-Beyond Human Rights 

V10N4 Moving to the Global Village

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