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Articles from back issues of New Renaissance

Animal Rights Health
Arts and Culture Media
Disability Political Science
Ecology Reviews
Economics Science
Education  Social Justice
Features  Spirituality
Future Studies 

Animal Rights

The Silence of the Lambs by Andrew Tyler
Animals in Agriculture by Joanne Bower
Animal Rights in Eastern Europe by Ian Gottstein
Fishing In New York City Speaking of fish; speaking for fish.
by Betsy Robinson

Arts and Culture

Multiculturalism and the Arts by Cy Grant
Art and Spirituality by Veronica Brady - "Genuine spirituality, like art, is open and dynamic...both are the hope of a world so badly in need of transformation."
Ice Station Cool"Every hit song of 1969 is now a TV commercial for some car."  reviewed by Sparrow
Is it a Crime to Download Music from the Internet? Singer-songwriter Janis Ian explains why the music industry is making a big mistake in its opposition to free downloads from the Internet.
Jackson Pollock Now   a review by Sparrow
Music Is by William Parker
Music is a Prayer by Ian Gottstein An interview with Hariprasad Chaurasia: "I am trying to satisfy my teacher... and my soul."
The Nature of Beauty in Contemporary Art by Suzi Gablik - A new paradigm of an engaged, participatory and socially relevant art is emerging.
Exclusion and Communication in the Information Era by Sohail  Inayatullah and Ivana Milojevic - Reflections on the role of new technologies in creating greater world harmony.
Barbie Around the World by Kathleen Grassel How a doll became the standard of beauty and lifestyle.
Artistry and the experience of Joy at work by Dick Richards Progess in work issues demands emotion, spirit and artistry.
An Interview with Donovan .


The History of Disability by Jane Clapton and Jennifer Fitzgerald - through the ages the disabled have been marginalized.


Eco-notes Vol. 8, No. 1 Cuba’s Organic Revolution; Green Olympics?; Crunch Time for Endangered Tuna;  Vegetarianism Grows in the UK 
Eco-notes Vol. 8, No. 2 Denmark Considers Total Pesticide Ban; Logging Giant to Stop Clearcutting in Canadian Forests; NGOs Unite to Help Venezuela's Indigenous Peoples Protect their Forests; Magony is Murder
Eco-notes Vol.8, No. 3 Organic farming, a gypsy high school, renewable energy, environmental justice, more.
Environmental Ethics and Non-Human Rights by Ken Wilber
Ecologists need to develop a bio-ethics that gives us room to move.
Living With Gaia by James Lovelock The co-creator of the Gaia theory reminds us of our possibilities and limits in living harmoniously with our planet
The Greening of the Kibbutz by John Martin Bang - an environmental movement grows in Israel. 
Grow Your Own Home by Kirby Fry
The Causes of Tropical Deforestation by John Revington 
Local Energy, Local Democracy Are economics and ecology on a collision course?
by David Cromwell

Oceans Without Fish
by Peter Montague - Over-fishing is taking an enormous toll on fish stocks, threatening to turn the world's  oceans into a marine junkyard. 

Mad Cow Disease: Still a Threat to Humans by Peter Montague
Putting Theory into Practice by Martin Hellicar - an ecology centre in Cyprus demonstrates the solutions to many of today's ecological problems. 
The Seventh Fire "Do we want a new Earth and a new future?"
by Jeremy Wright
Save the Forests, Save the Planet by Herbert Girardet 

Stopping Tropical Deforestation by John Revington
Towards a Sustainable Agriculture by Steve Diver 

Weapons, Death & Tofu: Finding Nirvana in an SUV
As Americans start to realize the vast wastefulness of SUV’s, marketers waste no time in responding.

The WTO Turns Back the Clock  by Peter Montague


The Asian Depression: Will It Become a World Depression? by Ravi Batra - A thunderbolt is about to strike the American and European economies. (written in the summer of 1997)
The Bankruptcy of Classical Economics by Walter Haines 

Cooperative Economics: An Interview with Jaroslav Vanek interviewed by Albert Perkins 
Corporate Rights vs. Human Need by Peter Montague When do the rights of corporations end, and people's begin?
Dorothy and the Ruby Shoe Company by Darcy Hitchcock  Dorothy (of Wizard of Oz fame) learns how to empower her employees.
The Dubious Rewards of Consumption by Alan Thein Durning 
The Economics of Social Responsibility & Spirituality by Dada Maheshvarananda An interview with Dr. Marcos Arruda: 
Economics as if All Living Beings Mattered by Ron Logan 
The End of the Fairytale: Beyond the Capitalist Romance by Anne Else, How the rush for more money took on a life of its own.
Getting it Out on the Table an interview with David Korten 
Global Authoritarian Regimes by Ignacio Ramonet
The Global Economic Turning Point: Confucian Order or Anything Goes? by Sandra Dempster, A tiger and a bear on unsure footing.
Global Economics Comix by Vinaya Krsna
Micro-credit in Albania 
Micro-credit in the Philippines
Moving Through the Circle: Transforming Capitalism by Sohail Inaytullah, Is the legitimacy of the entire economic system at stake?
A New Concept of progress by Ravi Batra 

Some Features of PROUT's Economic System by P. R. Sarkar A daring new approach to solving our economic and social problems. 
Susan George Speaks Out Against Economic Globalization
Third World Agriculture: A Proutist Approach by Ravi Batra 
Trade for Regional Self-Reliance by Michael Towsey and Dhanjoo Ghista

What Happened in Seattle? Activists look at the aftermath of the WTO meeting.
What Values Will Guide Our Future in an Era of Globalization?
Globalization from below seeks an alternative, humane, democratically
accountable and sustainable system of commerce that benefits all of us.
by Craig Runde


Education, Foresight and Global Citizenship by Frank Hutchinson
Treating Children as Equals by Jody Wright
Healthy Human Growth: A commonsense View    by Alison Stallibrass Learning is a child’s work and raison d’etre
On Wings of Literature by P.R. Sarkar Imagination can open the mind & the heart. 
The Quest For Truth: Redefining Education by Marcus Bussey 
World Brain and Higher Education by Paul Wildman and Jenny Gidley 
Women and Holistic Education by Ivana Milojevic 
The Multi-Cultural Challenge to the Future of Education by Sohail Inayatullah 
Education For The Real World by Henryk Skolimowski


Celebrities and Saintsby Dada Acyutananda,  Well, what's the difference between the two?
What is My Name Tomorrow? by Kathleen Grassel , A young girl's life is saved by her unborn child.
The Future of Hope “By reclaiming the future we reclaim the right to dream... and hope.”
by Jennifer Fitzgerald 

Sustainable Solutions for the Crisis in Southern Sudanby A.V. Avadhuta, An interview on development in the midst of war: It can work.

Future Studies

Agequake: Say Hello to Underpopulation by Sohail Inayatullah This unexpected trend may turn our social system upside down 
Choosing the Future  by Steve Taylor Is the course of our future inevitable?
Cultural Renewal: Revitalizing Youth Futures by Jennifer Gidley On empowering probable futures with hope & meaning.
Future Progress  by P. R. Sarkar A visionary challenges our worldview.
New Futures Ahead: Genetics or Microvita? by Sohail Inayatullah The new world will not be created from love alone.
Olympic Gold: New Futures For The Olympics? by Sohail Inayatullah & Levi Obijiofor
Our Children's Visions of the Future by Frank Hutchinson 
Looking Back from the 21st Century by Hazel Henderson
The Futures of South Asia by Sohail Inayatullah
TechnoSpirit, The Future Cure for TechnoStress   by Dan Shoemaker, Mike Whitty and Tony Drommi Seeking a holistic technology.


Ayurveda and Longevity by Kaviraj Partap S. Chauhan, Healing requires a natural harmony with the human body.
The End of Cancer? by Margaret Rathwell New therapies offer real cures. 
Food, Joy and Biodynamics  by Leslie Kenton
Medicine and Multiculturalism Who should the power of healing belong to: the patient or the doctor? by Ziauddin Sardar
The Life of a Vegetarian in a Meat-Eating World by Rob Daugherty
“(At first)…I thought that I would die of meat-withdrawal symptoms.”

Nature Therapy: Our Seven Friends by Ac. Jyotirishananda Avt. An outline for recovering vitality and joy 
Threefold Enlightenment by Betsy Terrell Plumbing the mysteries of who we are
TV: is it a health Hazard? by Peter Montague


Romanian and American Radio Where there is radio there is hope. by Andrei Codrescu
Who is at the Controls Anyway? Recovering our culture; the biggest battle. by Frank Beacham

Political Science

After the Terror: Will the World Move Forward? by Sohail Inayatullah
Do we have the courage to seek peace and justice?
 Confronting Empire: The Race is on for a Better World
“On a quiet day I can hear a new world breathing.”
by Arundhati Roy

The Cry of Peace - Peace is more than the mere absence of war.
by P.R. Sarkar

Does War Have a Future? - Can we have the best of life: a world without war, but with justice? by Sohail Inayatullah
Thoughts on World Government by P.R.Sarkar 
The Meaning of Politics in a Spiritual Perspective by Henryk Skolimowski
Understanding Our Moment in History “We are not just facing a few critical problems here and there. We appear to be at some major junction in human affairs.” by William Van Dusen Wishard
The U.S Election of 2000 by Craig Runde
What's Next for the Balkans? A special report


David Broza in Concert reviewed by Oxana Doudina with Gary Levinson
Love Pays the Rent a review by Sparrow 
The Return of Brian Wilson by Pathik Strand - Brian Wilson's new album marks the return of one of the great musical heroes of the 1960's.
Sounds of the Dawn  New Age music reviews by René Wadlow
Sounds of Dawn more(New Age Music) reviewed by René Wadlow
Triakel reviewed by Jutta Ziegler 

Book Reviews

After Capitalism: Prout’s Vision for a New World
Are We Heading Towards Perpetual Adolescence? Robert Bly's The Sibling Society reviewed by Roar Bjonnes
Banker to the Poor
Europe, Inc.
Parenting and Educating for Wholeness, Zoot Horn Rollo's Captain Beefheart Experience,
Earth Future reviewed by A.V. Avadhuta 
Futures for the Third Millennium
The Great Work reviewed by René Wadlow
The Healing Wisdom of Africa reviewed by Cy Grant
Inequity in the Global Village
Book Reviews Titles reviewed: Economics, Culture and Society; Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect; Felicitavia.
Book Reviews by Kenn Kassman, Rene Wadlow, Dada Jyotirupananda
Parenting From the Heart, Raising Self-reliant Children in a Self-indulgent World, Positive Discipline for Teenagers, The Kurdish Question and Turkey, The Wisdom Series
The Post-Corporate World  
The Power of Now
Promise Ahead reviewed by David Loye
Rogue States
reviewed by David Cromwell
State of the World 2003 (WorldWatch)
Where Heavens Meet
reviewed by Dada Jyotirupananda


A New Perception of Reality by Alan Mayne
Living Systems in Evolution by Elisabet Sahtouris How to recognize “the one alive... universe in which spirit & matter are not separable.”
Microvita: Where Mind Dissolves into Wonder by Marcus Bussey, The metaphors and images we use can change our world.
Science, Consciousness and God by Peter Russell Seeking a picture of primary reality.
Some Ideas for Microvita Research by P.R. Sarkar “Microvita are a blending of matter and idea.”
The Unexplained Powers Of Animals - “Much that appears ‘paranormal’ at present looks normal when we expand our ideas of normality.” by Rupert Sheldrake

Social Justice

Beyond Wars by Ivana Milojevic , If there is no `other' there is no war
The Chalice or the Blade by Riane Eisler
Confronting Empire: The Race is on for a Better World
“On a quiet day I can hear a new world breathing.” by Arundhati Roy

Turning Prisons into Ashrams
Seven Ways to Fix the Criminal Justice System by Bo Lozoff 
One Human Society by P.R.Sarkar 
What Can We Do to Unite Humanity by Ac.Pranakrsnananda 
Spirituality and Social Justice: A dialogue by Frei Betto and Dada Maheshananda
Panhandlers: One Day at a Time by Kathleen Grassel 
Profits Before The Planet by Chris Holberg If capitalism is amoral, who will solve our social problems?
Children: Innocent victims of an unjust social order by Adolfo Perez Esquivel
The Poor Can Buy Barbie Dolls
by Dr. Vandana Shiva . Unrestricted imports may help India's consumers, but not her economy.
We are the Protectors by Bruce Stewart A Maori activist talks of community, tradition and life.
The World of Dr. Patch Adams "For the last sixteen years, the patient that I've been involved with and making a house call on is the community and society." by Ned Hamson


Meditation and Social Service: Two Halves of Self-Realization by Kaoverii Kristin Weber 
A Few Eternal Truths for a Better Life by Kenn Kassman 
Ken Wilber's Path to Transformational Futures by Richard A. Slaughter 
Play on... if you dare! Cooperative games encourage us to, Play hard, play fair, nobody hurt. by Dada Maheshvarananda
The Power of Silence by Steven Taylor - Silence and stillness are a means to recover happiness and contentment. 
Divine Talk Show Hosts by  Roar Bjonnes - Separating true mystical experience from our own mental projections is not always easy: a look at the channelling phenomenon.
From the Unreal to the Real Higher Consciousness“Seeing the world in a wider and truer way than normal.” by Steve Taylor

Towards a Wisdom Based Societyby Roar Ramesh Bjonnes A new spiritual humanism can revitalize human society.
Into the Fire by Jennifer Fitzgerald,Using an ordeal to break through personal barriers.
The Jewel of Consciousness  by Per Henrik Gullfoss 
Koshas: The State of the Mind Mapping the mind-body connection by Roar Ramesh Bjonnes

The Élan Vital and Self-Evolution by Steven Taylor  Vitalizing the individual and vitalizing evolution
Mysticism And Yoga What is it that really satisfies us? by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

The New Élan: Living an Open Life by Ned Hamson and Frank Heckman
A search for a defining spirit of the age ahead
The Path of the Yoginii  by Jessica Torrens, Seeking role models for women's spiritual practices.
A Passion for the Possible by Jean Houston ,Living in a time of whole-system transition.
Spirit Matters: What Spirituality Is All About “Spirit Matters: and more and more people are noticing.” by Michael Lerner
Spirituality: The Hidden Side of Sports by Steve Taylor How is it that sport seems to have the power to generate spiritual states?
Will Organized Religions Survive in the New Millennium?   by Dada Maheshvarananda The changing global psychic climate.
Woman Mystics and the New Millennium by Mary Devlin,  Reflections on the present day gift of female mystics in these changing times.


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