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Animal Rights

Primates Are Not Pets

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 Ian Redmond urges ban, not regulation, on keeping the animals



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Fishing in New York City

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I believe (other creatures) know something members of our species—the planet stewards—have yet to learn.

by Betsy Robinson
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Animal Rights in Eastern Europe

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Today in Slovakia, a new wave of concern for the rights of animals is gathering momentum. In Bratislava, Ian Gottstein talked with Laco Durkovic, the energetic leader of Sloboda Zvierat (Freedom of Animals) to find out more about the movement that is heading the changes.
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Treatment of Animals in Agriculture

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Factory farming is demeaning to both humans and animals alike. The Secretary of the Farm and Food Society looks at how farmers can regain the respect of the public.
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The Silence of the Lambs

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The popular image of sheep in their contented element is a lie, reports Andrew Tyler in an investigation into the inhumane practises of the British sheep industry.
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