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New Renaissance

New Renaissance is a quarterly magazine serving as a forum for progressive discussion on the future of society. Since 1990, it has been bringing a holistic perspective to the economic, environmental, political, social, spiritual and cultural concerns of today.

As its name implies, New Renaissance, hopes to inspire a creative burst of energy which will help humanity surmount its present global crisis. New Renaissance thus highlights the writings of people with a positive approach towards contemporary problems.

 In an age of increasing economic disparity New Renaissance promotes ideas and programmes which will lead to a decentralised, cooperative and democratic economic system, and advocates a new humanism in which our concern is expanded to include all living beings.

 Science and the arts are presented from the perspective of restoring them to their benevolent roles of serving true human needs.

Regular departments in the journal cover the environment, economics, philosophy, animal rights, human rights, health, science, spirituality and the arts, making New Renaissance a comprehensive source of alternative news and commentary.

Contributors to past issues have included: David Korten, Johan Galtung, Hazel Henderson, Riane Eisler, Jean Houston, Suzi Gablik, Peter Russell and P.R. Sarkar.

Comments from our readers

It is a great achievement to have a magazine with these thoughts...something that can speak to people on all levels. Donovan, singer and musician, UK

New Renaissance is fast becoming the leading voice for the rebirth of humanity. It recognizes the depth of our environmental, social, economic, and spiritual malaise. But, it also sees the hope and potential of the paradigm shift and deep cultural transition which is reshaping our world views our social institutions and our lifestyles. Bill Ellis, Editor, TRANET newsletter, Maine, USA

New Renaissance is rare in its deep and broad perspective. 
Arne Naess, Professor Emeritus, University of Oslo, Norway

I have enjoyed reading New Renaissance from its inception. It is a periodical which addresses issues of importance to us all, and which is very readable and attractive in form. This is a journal which every intelligent person who is concerned about the future of this planet should read.  Henryk Skolimowski, Director of the Eco-Philosophy Centre, Michigan, USA

New Renaissance is a most important periodical. It addresses most of the burning questions of our time, linking an ecology of mind and spirit with the ecological crisis facing the world today. Cy Grant, Actor, author and musician, London, UK

I like your magazine very much. It is prepared to go beyond the standard approaches of many green magazines. It hasn't given up the holistic perspective that inspired the green movement in its early days.   Herbert Girardet, Author and film maker, London, UK


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